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Combining color-coded maps, information layers, and ariel photography with public openness and transparency, this valuable new tool applies the best environmental science and geographic information systems to the urgent work of preserving and protecting environmentally critical lands today. Greenprint is not only informing our land conservation decisions today, but also building a broader and better informed public consensus for sustainable growth and land preservation decisions into the future.

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GreenPrint shows where Targeted Ecological Areas (TEAs) occur and how the many programs within our State government work together to protect our most ecologically valuable areas. TEAs are not acreage goals, and are not associated with any zoning classification or restrictions on land, but are simply areas identified as being a good investment from an ecological perspective when making decisions on where to spend limited acquisition dollars. Land is only acquired via POS from willing sellers.

This is an effort to keep portions of Maryland as ecologically sound as possible, to ensure healthy populations of plants and animals, to keep our State beautiful, and to conserve our lands for our children before they are consumed by sprawling development.

Using tools like GreenPrint, we can more effectively manage how our State takes care of its lands and its people.

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